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The past and present life of making disk signs

What kind of industry does the making of signs and signs belong to and what kind of industry is 360 line sign making? These are the problems that perplex people in the identification industry for many years. At present, there is no it in the industry classification of the country, so it is often classified into the advertising industry. In fact, there is a significant difference between the logo and the advertisement. Tingxue in Guangzhou, is not directly registered logo company. What industry should it belong to

  1. In terms of product classification:

Signs and signs are the combination of planning, architecture, space, sculpture, logic, color, aesthetics, and materials. The industry of signs and signs is not a new industry. It is the product of the advertising industry to a certain extent. It is the crystallization of metal processing, electronic information, and architectural decoration and other related industries. The current logo industry is born out of market demand In terms of product classification, the identification system mainly includes vertical sign, doorhead, hangtag, outdoor billboard, etc. This is totally different from the product type of advertising industry.

  1. From the perspective of material:

Signs are made of aluminum profiles, galvanized sheet, acrylic, stone, solid wood. From the perspective of manufacturing materials, signs are often classified as industrial manufacturing.

  1. From the aspect of sign modeling:

From the aspect of logo modeling, signs have many unique shapes, and they cannot be separated from design. There are many overlapping relations between logo modeling and service industry and advertising industry. The early logo industry was born out of advertising industry and drew precious genes from metal processing, stone processing and wood carving industry. Therefore, it can not be simply attributed to an existing industry, it is a new line Industry should be paid attention to by the state.

Therefore: the production of signs and signs is closely related to the advertising industry and part of the industrial manufacturing, but it is different from the advertising industry. With the development of the identification industry, the state’s future regulations will definitely have a clear classification of the logo industry.